IVECO Industrial Development in Africa and Middle East

IVECO Continues in Investing in Industrial Development in Africa and Middle East.​

IVECO continues in investing on new industrial activities and in the Region’s development. Recently it has implemented two new facilities for assembling CKD (Completely Knocked Down) IVECO Daily in Algeria and Tunisia. These activities mark the ground for a solid and growing industrial presence of IVECO in the region through winning cooperations with consolidated and successful partners.

With a local assembled product, IVECO aims to match both the customers expectations and the industrial development of the Regions.

The level of disassembly both in Algeria and Tunisia consists in a knocked down painted chassis with all components supplied loose (axles, engine, gearshift, radiators, tires…) and an assembled cabin. This level requires already 7 different stations for assembly (in order to assemble first the chassis, then the powertrain, mount the powertrain on the chassis and couple with the cabin) and the product can be already considered a local production with IVECO European Standards.