IVECO in Morocco

​IVECO expands his presence in Morocco, Agadir.

Through its exclusive distributor “Atlas Vehicles Industriels”, IVECO now has a new branch.

On January Atlas opened the new premises and the choice of Agadir is not fortuitous. The strong economic potential of the region and its geographical position is in the opinion of the leaders of the group, a reason for this development. 

Morocco is a very important market for IVECO because is considered to be both the southern point of Europe and also the gateway to sub-Saharan Africa. The region which is the third base in terms of brand activity in Morocco is therefore essential for us because it plays a leading role in West Africa and a land of connection to other countries of the continent.

The event was also to celebrate the evolution of sales in Morocco. It has been two years since IVECO recorded nearly 1.000 sales of commercial vehicles a year, twice as much as three years ago.

In Morocco, Atlas Véhicules Industriels (AVI), created in 1996, is the exclusive distributor of the IVECO brand for 12 years (Daily, Eurocargo, Stralis), and it is the Moroccan group Premium which is the exclusive distributor of IVECO for the Francophone West Africa market, excluding Morocco, Algeria and sub-Saharan Africa.​