IVECO Over the Air Update

The smart, time-saving way to update vehicle software

Iveco On - Uptime

IVECO extends its IVECO ON offering of services with the innovative IVECO Over the Air Update feature that enables customers to update their vehicles’ software remotely, without having to stop at a workshop – a practical, time-saving solution that ensures the vehicle is always up to date, protected and in top performing condition.​

By further expanding its IVECO ON services, IVECO is focused on making the driver’s life easier and helping the fleet manager keep their fleet running efficiently and productively.

The innovative IVECO Over the Air Update feature, available on all Daily and IVECO S-WAY vehicles fitted with a Connectivity Box, enables customers to perform software updates remotely themselves over the air, saving time and boosting vehicle uptime.


Extremely easy to use

IVECO Over the Air Update is extremely easy to use and makes it possible to update the vehicle’s software quickly, at the driver’s and fleet manager’s convenience, without having to visit the workshop. It can be done by the customer anywhere, at any time taking just a few minutes and requiring only that the vehicle is parked in a safe place. This means the driver can install the update whenever it is convenient, during a rest stop while on a mission or on a break at the depot, wasting no time.

To utilise the IVECO Over the Air Update features, customers just need to ensure that their Daily or IVECO S-WAY is equipped with a Connectivity Box and that they are an IVECO ON registered user with an account linked to their vehicle.

When they receive a notification that an update is available and their vehicle is parked safely, they can download and install it using the infotainment system or the Easy Way mobile app.

By selecting the IVECO Over the Air Update button on the infotainment system or the icon on the app, the system will look for the update and begin the procedure. It is as simple as updating a mobile device. The new feature will soon be available on the Business Up app for the Daily range.


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