with advanced Genuine turbocharging solutions


Power when you need it

Turbochargers today are essential parts of an engine to maximise power and reduce fuel consumption. Keep your productivity high and obtain numerous other benefits with advanced and resistant IVECO turbocharger technology.


  • High-quality temperature-resistant materials
  • Developed specifically to fit your vehicle model
  • IVECO’s VGT technology offers high power at low RPM

Your benefits

High performance, maintaining the original power of your vehicle
Reduced fuel consumption due to bespoke design for your vehicle
Lower wheel brake wear thanks to enhanced engine braking

Maintenance tips

  • Watch out for the warning signs of lack of power, blue or black exhaust gas or oil leakage
  • Replace air filters, oil filters at intervals specified by your Maintenance plan
  • Ask your dealer about REMAN replacements, offering identical parts at guaranteed quality.

RPM= revolutions per minute
IVECO’s VGT regulates the inflow of exhaust gases to optimise turbine power according to the required power. This means that optimal power can be delivered even at low RPM (revolutions per minute).