Repair & Maintenance

​Elements Repair & Maintenance

In a continual effort to offer its customers the best possible service, Iveco has created Elements: a wide range of tailored service packages, devised to keep your vehicle on the road.

Elements is a specialized high quality service, that aims to ensure a long life for every vehicle in all sectors.

Elements provide the flexibility to select any combination from the major “elements” which make up the overall offer. The package could be combined with any of the Elements offer to enable operators to create their own tailor-made package.

The extreme flexibility makes Elements so attractive. Customers can choose the service levels which are the best for their type and size of business knowing that associated costs are fixed and predictable.

In choosing IVECO , you have made a quality choice – for you and for your business.

IVECO brings you total peace of mind, with a dedicated after-sales support network and 2000 service points across Europe: a team of expert professionals working day and night to provide you with the help you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Elements is only one of the main Services within the Iveco After Sales global offer. A perfect synergy between Service, Parts and Network is available to keep your vehicle always in perfect conditions.