​The new 2015 Eurocargo truck: performance and flexibility

​Greater flexibility, lower consumption

​The new Iveco Eurocargo in available with two four-cylinder 160 and 190 HP engines specially designed for high truck performance in city work. The torque and power output has been optimised to suit the typical operating conditions of urban missions.
Thanks to the new pistons, new injectors and the faster response of the new turbocharger, the compression ratio has risen from 17:1 to 18:I, improving the torque output over 1200 rpmby approximately 8%. The truck performance now achieves 680 Nm (for the 160 Hp) and 700 Nm (for the 190 Hp), reaching maximum power at 2200 rpm instead of 2500 rpm.

All this helps to significantly lower consumption in the urban cycle and during acceleration.The new Eurocargo’s hearts are Tector 5 four-cylinder diesel 4.5-litre and Tector 7 six-cylinder 6.7-litre diesel. The range includes seven power levels from 160 to 320 Hp, with a maximum torque of 1100 Nm, completed with a CNG engine delivering 750 Nm and 204 Hp.

These engines are mated to manual gearbox (6- or 9- speed), 6- or 12-speed automated or automatic gearboxes with torque converter.
The new Iveco Eurocargo is equipped with HI-SCR, the after-treatment system is lightweight and efficient, which eliminates regeneration downtimes compared with competitor vehicles equipped with the EGR+SCR solution.

The regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is passive, continuous and automatically managed therefore no action is required by the driver. There is no need to make periodic technical stops and the components are not subject to heat stress, all of which increases the reliability of parts.

New Eurocargo