​The 2015 Eurocargo truck: efficiency and performance

Diesel fuel consumption reduced by up to 8%

​The 2015 Iveco Eurocargo: another step on the road to improving truck efficiency.

The latest generation Tector 5 and 7 engines use low-viscosity engine oil which reduces friction, increases performances and extends the maintenance intervals.

Other special features have been introduced across the entire engine range; these features are particularly important on high-traffic missions where competitiveness depends on the cost of ownership:

- the electronically controlled two-speed electromagnetic fan clutch which is engaged or disengaged according to the cooling requirements

- the EcoRoll feature, introduced on the 12-speed gearbox, takes a​dvantage of the vehicle’s inertia and automatically shifts the gearbox in/out of neutral to reduce consumption in various  situations (e.g. downhill slopes)

- the EcoSwitch (available on all 6- to 12-speed automated gearboxes) reprogrammes the gear change logic for maximum truck efficiency. When switched on by the driver, the EcoSwitch feature activates the speed limiter, deactivates the kick-down function, and only authorises automatic gear changes.

These new devices (and the use of a new, low-viscosity rear axle oil) mean the new Iveco Eurocargo reduces diesel fuel consumption by up to 8% on the urban deliveries.

New Eurocargo