The electric and electronic architecture of the STRALIS truck has been entirely re-designed, and new electronic units have been developed in order to handle more functions with optimised resources.

The new HI-MUX technology offers improved reliability, more data management capability and the opportunity to introduce car-like functions. The network is twice as fast to manage the big amount of data required by the IVECO HI-CRUISE GPS-based predictive system.

HI-MUX on-board electronic units communicate through two physical wires using a common protocol.

Its architecture is modular, split into two for improved flexibility and serviceability, and integrated in a new layout with pneumatic and AdBlue® hoses. Hoses and cables run in parallel along the length of the chassis, in an orderly and straightforward layout that facilitates servicing and repairs, resulting in more uptime.

HI-MUS and new chassis layout - New truck STRALIS XP IVECO 


A new catwalk improves both functionality and safety. The plates cover the passage from side to side to the rear suspension support, with no protruding bolts or elements, providing a safe working area for the operator. The use of aluminium and stainless steel ensures resistance to corrosion.

Catwalk - New truck STRALIS XP IVECO 


A new rear suspension improves durability and reliability, and reduces weight. Its components have been re-designed to achieve a 45 kg weight reduction while maintaining the same performance. The compact size of the new stabiliser bar results in an increased ramp angle. The new suspension is also more resistant to corrosion.

New rear suspension - New truck STRALIS XP IVECO 


STRALIS truck introduces new car-like features to fur ther improve functionality and ease of use:

  • LED lights
  • a new central locking remote control with external light check
  • intensity regulation of internal lighting
  • automatic activation of hazard lights when sudden deceleration / braking occurs.

The cluster has also been re-designed as part of the new electric and electronic system development.

A quick menu to enable/disable frequently used functions can be called up with a b utton integrated in the steering wheel.

New car-like features - New truck STRALIS XP IVECO 


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