Sustainability & CNG

​The natural solution for the environment

​In the name of sustainability, the Iveco Eurocargo enhances its alternative fuel range with the Eurocargo Natural Power CNG (compressed natural gas).

The leader since 1995, with a total of 13,000 trucks sold in Europe, IVECO is the only manufacturer to offer a full line-up of CNG models for freight and passenger transport.
Light, medium and heavy duty vehicles with light footprint on the environment, which now represent the new benchmark in sustainability.

Compressed Natural Gas is the most environmentally-friendly fuel commercially available: the only real alternative to automotive diesel fuel, with 3500 distribution facilities operating in Europe.
IVECO CNG engine emissions are characterised by reduced NOx, the total absence of lead compounds and aromatic hydrocarbons and a 95% reduction in particulates compared with diesel. This performance is already better than the Euro VI standard, stages B + C.

With CNG costing slightly less than diesel across Europe, customers could save up to 25%.

The Eurocargo Natural Power is available in versions from 11 to 16 t, with a six-cylinder engine offering increased torque of 750 Nm and increased power output of 204 Hp, mated to a 9-speed manual or to an automatic gearbox with torque converter. The vehicle’s features and transport capacity are identical to the other versions: the cylinders are fitted next to the side members so they do not take up cargo space. Maximum range 400 km.

The Eurocargo Natural Power is particularly at home in major cities – its low emissions mean it is allowed to drive in restricted traffic zones and its quiet operation (5 dB quieter than diesel) makes it ideal for night-time work.

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