​A workmate you can rely on

​Robust & reliable

​The new Eurocargo truck appeals to customers because of its reliability and robustness: two qualities which stem from the chassis, derived from heavy haulage and designed to be durable and to withstand higher stresses (e.g. an unbalanced load or a sudden change of direction).

To adapt to any type of mission, the new Iveco Eurocargo offers many different types of suspension: parabolic, semi-elliptical leaf spring and air suspensions. Air suspensions are controlled by an ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension) system, which guarantees a constant vehicle position regardless of the load level. They can be fitted to the rear axle or to both axles.

The front and rear axles and braking system guarantee the reliability of the mechanical characteristics over time. The braking system is air-hydraulic on the 6- to 10-tonne range and full air on the 11- to 19-tonne range. All 4x2 versions are equipped with disc brakes as standard.

An exhaust flap has been introduced with the HI-SCR technology, which acts to quickly bring exhaust gases to the right temperature. This device also helps improve engine braking power (thereby improving the vehicle’s overall braking capacity).

New Eurocargo