In every technological development there is a “turning point” and there is also a product that defines that turning point: For natural gas technology, the NEW STRALIS NP is it!


Natural gas is the most environmentally-friendly fuel for internal combustion and thus generates considerable advantages:
• improvement in air quality, by almost completely eliminating air pollutants (70% less NOx, 99% less PM, 90% less NMHC compared to Euro VI standards);
• slows down global warming, significantly reducing CO2 emissions (about 10 -15% less compared to an equivalent diesel powered vehicle, and up to 95% less if bio gas is used);
• can drastically reduce noise pollution during urban transit and night delivery.

These are the reasons why European authorities are encouraging a rapid growth of the natural gas distribution network by 2025, with a reduction in the maximum distance between filling stations of 150 km for CNG and 400 km for LNG. Natural gas is ready for the revolution. Are you ready for natural gas?


A true alternative to traditional fuel must be equal to or better than diesel in terms of performance, load capacity, and versatility. And to be successful, it must also guarantee an equivalent or better total cost of ownership (TCO).

This is our alternative.

The NEW STRALIS NP is the first natural gas-powered vehicle designed for long-distance travel.

It is equipped with a 400 hp engine , has the same load capacity as an equivalent diesel truck, and a range of up to 1500 km: it can travel from John O’Groats to Lands’ End without refuelling.

STRALIS NP means business. In long-distance usage (based on fuel prices), it can represent a truly profitable solution at 120,000 km/year and generate increasingly significant profit above this mileage.

STRALIS NP means serenity even after the potential implementation of more stringent standards to limit the access of diesel vehicles into urban areas.

STRALIS NP means opportunity, because the demand for environmentally friendly vehicles in Europe grows every year, in sectors spanning the energy industry, the automobile industry and the food and beverage industry.