​State-of-the-art control systems for off-road work

The New Trakker offers advanced safety systems such as:

o ABS,
o and as an option, ASR.

In off-road mode you can switch off the ABS so as to allow the wheels to lock (up to a maximum speed of 15km/h) - which is especially useful for tackling steep gradients with low grip. As soon as you exceed 15km/h, the ABS switches back on automatically.


The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) prevents the wheels from locking during braking, regardless of the condition of the road surface.
Signals from the ABS sensors mounted on the wheels provide precise information about the behaviour and reactions of each wheel during braking. The ABS is therefore capable of reducing braking force immediately before one or more wheels locks. If the state of the road surface allows sharper braking, the ABS increases the braking force again, up to the limit of grip.

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