​​​​New Trakker efficient combined engine brake and ecas

​CEB: Combined Engine Brake

The CEB – Combined Engine Brake is an uprated engine brake which combines two effects: decompression and braking torque. By means of a butterfly valve on the exhaust manifold, it generates sufficient exhaust gas counterpressure to slow the rotation of the engine and increase the braking force.

Waste-gate: more torque, lower fuel consumption, high reliability
The design of the waste-gate turbo allows high boost at low engine speeds, thereby optimising torque and fuel consumption. Once maximum turbo pressure (corresponding to high engine speeds) is reached, however, the engine and turbo must be mechanically protected.
This task is performed by the waste-gate system, which limits the pressure on the turbo and keeps it constant, by allowing the gradual egress of gases directly to the exhaust manifold in certain conditions.

Variable-geometry turbo: more power, no turbo lag
The turbo system makes a major contribution to the performance of the engines, and offers strong acceleration, fluid power delivery and high power. It also enhances driving comfort by eliminating turbo lag, because the engine always responds immediately to inputs from the accelerator.
By means of an electronic control system, the variable-geometry turbo adapts the geometry of the turbo to the engine speed: thanks to a system of coaxial rotor movement, the turbo adapts to the incoming volume of exhaust gas, thereby optimising control of turbo pressure.

ECAS: Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

ECAS stands for Electronically Controlled Air Suspension. It is a system which ensures the utmost driver comfort and constant chassis geometry regardless of speed, load and road type. It also acts on the braking pressure, which is delivered in proportion to the load on the axles.


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