​​​​Cursor 8

Power 360 HP

The Cursor 8 is a 7,790 cc, in-line six-cylinder engine with variable-geometry turbo (VGT) and power rating of 360HP.

The turbo system makes a major contribution to the performance of the engines, and offers strong acceleration, fluid power delivery and high power.
It also enhances driving comfort by eliminating turbo lag, because the engine always responds immediately to inputs from the accelerator.

By means of an electronic control system, the variable-geometry turbo adapts the geometry of the turbo to the engine speed: thanks to a system of coaxial rotor movement, the turbo adapts to the incoming volume of exhaust gas, thereby optimising control of turbo pressure.

The Cursor 8 360HP engine delivers peak torque of 1,500 Nm from 1,125 rpm and keeps it constant up to 1,685 rpm.


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