​​​​Aggregate transport

​Tipper body

The Trakker can be fitted with any type of tipper body for the transport of quarry or mine aggregates.

The New Trakker's strengths in this arena are:

o frame in high-yield-strength, high-flexural-strength and high-torsion-strength steel
o mechanical or air suspension requiring no maintenance or greasing
o a wide range of power take-offs with 1 or 2 shafts with pump mounting bracket, capable of meeting all requirements associated with different types of tipper body;
shortened rear overhangs for minimising bodybuilder modifications and conversion times;
omega mounting brackets already located on the frame for mounting tipping subframes;
o tipping rear underrun protection  o cab customisation with inspection step and roof grab-handle for load inspection and tarpaulin operations;
o vehicle manoeuvring warning lights;

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