The IVECO STRALIS truck raises the stakes on productivity and profitability with a complete package tailored to suit every transport business.

The STRALIS truck has undergone a complete driveline redesign, from engine to tyres; it features a new electrical and electronic architecture, a new best-in-class transmission, a new rear axle and suspension, and introduces the latest-generation GPS predictive functions and specific features to enhance efficiency, fuel economy and sustainability.

All the new features and upgrades maximize productivity and profitability of real-life transport business. We developed for our Customers a complete set of integrated efficiency-boosting solutions that include the “TCO2 live” programme and its exclusive services:

  • TCO2 SMART REPORT – weekly reporting on driving style and fuel consumption, 
  • TCO2 ADVISING – fuel saving advice, 
  • TCO2 DRIVING – economy-oriented driving courses, 
  • ​and the exclusive UPTIME SERVICE formula.

The new range’s two models deliver performance, high efficiency and low emissions in every mission.


STRALIS XP truck was developed for long-distance missions and features fuel-efficiency solutions such as SMART EGR, optimised rear-axle ratio, eco-tyres and the new Fuel Consultancy Services. It also features the IVECO HI-CRUISE GPS-predictive system – that manages cruising, gearshifting and eco-roll by integrating driving parameters with state-of-the-art GPS-mapping technology.


STRALIS truck has the right solution for all municipal, light construction and urban delivery missions thanks to the HI-STREET and HI-ROAD short-to-mid-range cabins and a wide offer of low-emissions and high-torque engines at different power ratings.


STRALIS perfectly suits the mission thanks to its technical solutions for weight reduction and its compliance to the stringent requirements of the ADR agreement. In addition, our HI-SCR system offers a decisive advantage: no active regeneration and lower exhaust temperature make it the most suitable solution for restricted areas such as airports, ships, tunnels, refineries and fuel loading bays.


STRALIS truck offers excellent fuel-saving performance also on medium-range regional routes, thanks to a complete package of fuel-efficient features that perfectly match vehicle configuration and mission characteristics. The GPS-predictive IVECO HI-CRUISE system is offered as standard on STRALIS XP, and can be specified as optional on STRALIS.

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