A win-win driving style: good for truck drivers and fleet owners


The new-generation, 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated transmission with electronic clutch offers the most advanced technology in its category:
• modular, service-friendly concept
99.7% efficiency
• extraordinary durability
• best-in-class gear spread (16.7)
• and best-in-class torque-to-weight ratio.

Compared to the previous model, HI-TRONIX transmission improves all performance indicators: it reduces shifting time by 10%, it is designed for almost twice the gearshifts of the previous generation of automated transmission, and it extends transmission oil change intervals to up to 600,000 kilometres (on long-hauling).
HI-TRONIX transmission also offers additional functionalities, such as maneuvering mode (creep) for low-speed operation, working like a torqueconverter transmission; rocking function to recover grip on low-adherence surfaces, 4 reverse gears and a new offer of PTOs.


The NEW STRALIS also introduces the HI-CRUISE integrated drive system, that includes GPS-based systems such as predictive cruise control and gearshifting, and further enhances the eco-roll function.
The transmission and GPS system are networked, so that an anticipatory driving strategy that perfectly matches topography and shift sequence is possible. The new HI-CRUISE also integrates ECOSWITCH parameters such as cruise control set speed and torque limiter: it limits fuel consumption while allowing emergency override.

HI-CRUISE, combined with ECOSWITCH, is an efficient driver assistant that provides considerable advantages:
• speed and gear managed by an “electronic-horizon” algorithm that adopts advanced fuel-saving strategie;
• misuse prevention guaranteed by speed limiter, kick-down de-activation and electronically-controlled gearshift timin;
• outstanding driving comfort.

HI-CRUISE has been fine-tuned on real-life mission requirements in order to satisfy all parties:
truck drivers appreciate HI-CRUISE because it is smooth, simplifies their job and allows them to focus on safety rather than road routine;
fleet managers highly value HI-CRUISE because it provides substantial fuel savings (and increased long-term reliability) also with low-skilled drivers.


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