​Daily HI-MATIC Motorhome


The Daily HI-MATIC is your dream holiday home: it builds on this vehicle family’s 40-year history of continuously pushing the boundaries to provide a first-class environment, constantly raising the bar on safety and comfort.

A light vehicle, the Daily HI-MATIC is easy to handle and provides absolute driving pleasure with IVECO’s exclusive 8-speed automatic gearbox and top-of-the-class advanced driving assistant system.

It embraces connectivity to unlock a world of highly personalised services specifically designed for your motorhome and your requirements. True to its heritage, the Daily HI-MATIC will raise your living and driving experience to new heights.

DAILY HI-MATIC Motorhome base. Chosen by selected bodybuilders:

Bimobil – Bocklet – Carthago – Concorde – Dethleffs – Dopfer – FormIT – Kerkamm – Laika Morelo – Niesmann + Bischoff – Notin – Pilote Le Voyageur – Phoenix – Protec – Swift – Woelcke