​ Daily HI-MATIC Motorhome


Toughness, flexibility and durability over time.

The Daily HI-MATIC motorhome combines the reliability of the rear wheel drive with an ample choice of configurations.

Available with single wheel or twin wheels rear axle, it is the only vehicle of its class that offers a range from 3.5 to 7.2 tons of Gross Vehicle Weight, with a new intermediate 5.6 ton model, and a maximum front axle load up to 2700 kg.

Providing excellent handling and stability, and a towing capacity up to 3500 kg, the Daily HI-MATIC motorhome is the best choice for premium motorhomes, also thanks to a class-exclusive feature designed to deliver toughness, flexibility and durability over time: its load-bearing structure with “C”-shaped, special steel cross-members that places it at the top of its category in comparison to other automobile-derived vehicles.

Thanks to the 8-speed automatic gearbox, Daily HI-MATIC motorhome boasts a high level of versatility and is perfectly at ease both on city roads and on highways.

A van version with a volume of up to 19.6 m3 is also available.