A carefree holiday starts here.​

The Assistance Non-Stop offers you the support of a team of professional, multilingual operators availab​le 24/7, 365 days a year. A universal toll free number makes help available at any time and on any road within Europe. During the intervention the Iveco Customer Center monitors the progress; we will inform you and ensure that your vehicle is back on the road in the shortest possible time. In the event that the repairs take longer than 24 hours, Campers customers can enjoy the facilities of the hotel, courtesy car, passenger return or onward journey and recovery of the repaired vehicle. True holiday must be carefree. Always and everywhere thanks to Iveco Camper Assistance.

All services available are in Europe excluding Sweden, Norway, Greece.



Passenger repatriation or journey completion
Travel organisation up to place of domicile or final destination for all passengers by train - plane - rental car (max 1000€).

Hotel booking for all passengers (120€/person/night - max 5 nights)


Vehicle recovery
Organisation of travels to recover the repaired vehicle, for 1 person, by train - plane - rental car (max 1000€).

Replacement vehicle

Arrangements for a replacement vehicle (minivan or equivalent) (max 5 days & 1000€ - nationwide returns)

Connection costs

Taxi to reach the rental agency/rail station/airport (max 50€)

Assistance at client's place of domicile

Minor repairs (excluding maintenance). Can be made also at place of stay (e.g. Camping grounds).

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