STRALIS truck offers a wide and well-balanced range of engines to suit all applications, and features mission-specific fuel-saving device.

The engine range includes 3 displacements and 9 power ratings ranging from 310 to 570 hp that deliver class-leading power and torque density. This gives Customers a “downspeeding” opportunity:

  • we offer 11- litre engines where most competitors only propose 13-litre versions,
  • our rear-axle ratio of 2:47 allows for the best fuel performance at just over 1,100 revs.

Our commitment to sustainability led us to further improve the efficiency of all power units, also increasing performance on some:

  • maximum torque on CURSOR 11 (+100 Nm on the 420 hp v ersion, and +50 Nm on 480 hp)
  • maximum power on CURSOR 13 (now offered at 510 and 570 hp).



Optimised injection timing further increases peak cylinder pressure and fuel efficiency. NOx generation is lowered through a light recirculation of exhaust gases in specific engine load ranges. Smart EGR is a fuel economy enabler, not an emission control device: it reduces consumption on long-distance missions while offering all the advantages of the HI-SCR system.


Smart auxiliaries prevent energy waste when their operation is not necessary:

  • clutch compressor and air processing unit
  • energy-recovery alternator and intelligent battery monitoring
  • variable-flow steering pump.



This new feature avoids long periods of idling. The system shuts the engine off automatically after a pre-defined time when the necessary conditions occur.


Many components have been re-designed to reduce engine friction: the piston has been re-profiled, and new rings with lower tangential load have been adopted. Oil thermal management has also been improved to avoid over-heating and unnecessary energy consumption.


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