New cursor 9 natural gas engine

Our objective with the NEW STRALIS NP was to create something completely new: a long-haul gas truck. To this end, we developed the highest performance natural gas powertrain ever for commercial transport applications.

The new CURSOR 9 Euro 6 gas engine, with its 8.7-litre displacement, enhanced combustion process and optimised weight, offers the best fuel-efficiency in long haul missions. Its new-generation gas injectors, fuel rail and pistons have been designed to deliver the highest power output and torque. The brand-new longitudinal 3-way catalyst contributes to compliance with stringent emission limits, while ensuring low noise levels, and leaving enough space to increase fuel tank capacity.


The CURSOR 9 is the first gas engine of its kind to deliver power and torque output equal or greater than same-size diesel engines. The CURSOR 9 breaks every record in its category with:
• 18% more power than direct competitors,
• best-in-class power density,
• and best-in-class weight-to-power ratio.

The new “silent mode 72 dB(A)” function makes this engine perfect for urban operation and night deliveries.
Oil change intervals have been extended to 75,000 km, and specific gas components have been modified to minimise maintenance costs.



The centrifugal blow-by filter ensures lasting and efficient oil separation to guarantee ultra-low PM emissions and requires no exhaust particulate filter.


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