Improving fuel efficiency with Driving Style Evaluation


DRIVING STYLE EVALUATION enables drivers to improve in real time. The system acts like a professional on-board instructor, and helps to save fuel without compromising commercial speed.

DSE provides efficiency appraisal and fuel-saving suggestions (for example, appropriate gear to be used at a given moment). DRIVING STYLE EVALUATION can be used by the driver on board, or integrated with the new IVECO FUEL CONSULTANCY SERVICES.



Remote data collection from the on-board IVECO DRIVING STYLE EVALUATION enables the evaluation of vehicle and driver main performance parameters. Reports are sent weekly to the Fleet Manager by automatic e-mail, with a focus on driver behaviour and related trends, fuel consumption per vehicle and carbon footprint of the fleet as a whole.

The service is independent from other web portal-based fleet management services. With STRALIS XP, the TCO2 SMART REPORT is included for 4 years.


IVECO is an all-round "fuel consultant" - a full-time partner in the pursuit of transport efficiency and sustainability. Our experience of the most effective fuel-saving techniques is based on years of operational data, collected and processed (with the collaboration of our Customers) on different missions and routes.

Now IVECO offers this unique know-how as a service provided by dedicated teams of fuel experts in every market, who constantly monitor fleet KPIs in order to develop tailored improvement plans. One year of TCO2 ADVISING is included with  STRALIS XP model.


TCO2 SMART REPORT and TCO2 ADVISING can reduce furl consumptionup to 3%.


Good drivers can achieve fuel savings in line with the best technological devices: this is why IVECO offers specific driver training programmes to develop the skills of our customers’ drivers. We teach how to reduce fuel consumption, increase vehicle durability and maximise road safety.

Courses can be modelled on Customer requirements, and held at their premises or IVECO’s. Topics covered include knowledge of the vehicle, its features and functions and driving experience with a professional tutor.

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