​Regeneration? No thanks

​Hi-SCR helps minimise maintenance costs

Eurocargo truck is the only Euro 6 in its category to adopt a single after-treatment device for exhaust gases: the HI-SCR system with passive DPF (exclusive to IVECO). An innovative solution which reduces consumption, overheating and technical stoppages.

HI-SCR is a simple system, lightweight, efficient and environment-friendly

- does not require a large cooling system (and therefore does not change the vehicle structure)

- uses fewer components (and fewer replace​ment parts) compared with the competition

- weighs considerably less than the EGR+SCR solution adopted by the majority of competitor vehicles

- guarantees reduced fuel consumption compared with the EGR+SCR versions

The HI-SCR is the only emission control system which does not change the combustion process – because it works through fresh air intake rather than exhaust gas recirculation. This means that the combustion temperature remains high and the percentage of particulate is reduced, without the need for an active DPF. The problems of forced regeneration are eradicated at the source.

This is a key benefit, not only because it increases reliability, but also because it enables unrestricted access to sensitive places like tunnels, airports, ships and underground car parks, where the high temperatures caused by active regeneration pose a risk.

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