The ECOSTRALIS cab is comfortable, ergonomic and safe in any driving conditions.
It provides an ideal environment for moving around and relaxing, for stowing possessions and feeling at home. All of the vehicles controls are easily visible and can be reached by driver with ease allowing safe control of the vehicle at all times and providing maximum travelling comfort.
The sleeping area comes with large comfortable bunks: the upper bunk can be stowed completely flat against the rear wall of the cab, the lower bunk is divided into three sections to create a living area during rest periods.
The ECOSTRALIS offers excellent soundproofing, more than adequate illumination and a high efficiency climate control system.
Three cab versions are available:

Active Day (AD): compact day cab for distribution / daily missions,
Active Time (AT): sleeper cab with high or standard roof for those who occasionally need to stay out overnight,
o and Active Space (AS): Active Space, wide sleeper cab comprising the Active Space 3 cab (lowered roof) and the premium cab Active Space Super 3 (high roof) both for national and international long distance haulage.

Auxiliary components, like the supplementary heater and air conditioning, improve comfort but must be used wisely to save fuel.
The use of these components may cause an increase of fuel consumption of approximately 1% each.