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IVECO Daily Blue Power: the new sustainable range for unlimited access in urban areas

​​The new Daily Blue Power family is the perfect vehicle for urban and suburban missions; it can access all city centres round the clock, freeing transport operators from the constraints of environmental regulations with its winning combination of technology, low emissions and environmental impact, plus high performance and efficiency.

​The new Daily Blue Power anticipates the future and offers a choice between three technologies:

Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power: the first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle with an 8-speed automatic gearbox in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) industry – the perfect combination of low emission fuel and driveability for urban areas

Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready: the first LCV ready for 2020 Real Driving Emissions regulations, as verified by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). A unique offer in the market!

Daily Electric: the zero-emissions vehicle that enables operation in cities with the strictest vehicle emissions restrictions

Basildon October 9, 2017

IVECO has launched the new Daily Blue Power family, a unique line-up of vehicles offering urban transport operators unlimited delivery, freeing them from the constraints of increasing access restrictions in cities. The new range anticipates their environmental requirements and provides a solution driven by technology that is sustainable by nature.

Sustainable transport is a reality today with Daily Blue Power

The Daily Blue Power product offer is unique in the market. It offers real freedom of choice between three different technologies to match the specific requirements of their mission and their business.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, explains: "In the face of the current push for decarbonisation and increasing access restrictions in cities, being sustainable is fast becoming an important competitive advantage for transport businesses. Sustainability has always been a core value for IVECO, and we saw long ago that our path to sustainable urban transport is through advanced diesel technology and alternative tractions such as electric and natural gas. That is why we have pioneered alternative fuels for more than 20 years and invested in advanced technologies to dramatically reduce emissions from our diesel engines. 

"The Daily Blue Power is the culmination of all the work we have done in this field. It offers our customers a unique choice that gives them a competitive advantage to develop their sustainable business in urban areas without limitations."

Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power: the best solution for urban transport gets even better

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is the first CNG-powered LCV with an 8-speed automatic gearbox in the industry.

It makes a further improvement on what was already the best solution for urban transport by offering the perfect combination: the sustainability of IVECO's Natural Power natural gas technology and the absolute driving pleasure of its class-exclusive Hi-Matic transmission. This vehicle delivers the robustness, performance and reliability that the Daily is known for, together with more comfort and fuel economy, extra-low pollutant and CO2 emissions and best-in-class driveability.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power builds on IVECO's extensive experience of more than 20 years pioneering work in natural gas technology. It features the 3-litre F1C engine that generates 136 hp to deliver best-in-class torque of 350 Nm. This engine is more robust and guarantees more torque and driveability than ordinary CNG car-derived engines, delivering a performance without compromise.

The environmental performance of the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is equally remarkable: the engine complies with Euro 6/D standards with 76 per cent less particulate matter (PM), 12 per cent lower NOx emissions than IVECO's Euro VI 3.0-litre diesel engine, which already generates extremely low levels. In real driving conditions and in an urban context, CO2 emissions of the CNG engine are 3 per cent lower than those of the equivalent diesel version. The application of the Hi-Matic transmission to CNG further improves this performance, extending this gap to 5 per cent. If biomethane is used to run the CNG engine, CO2 emissions can be very close to zero, with a 95 per cent reduction.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power also delivers excellent fuel economy, with 2.5 per cent fuel savings, on real urban cycle, compared to the CNG manual version. The lower pump price of CNG compared to diesel translates into a very competitive cost per km and, if all factors such as fuel price, engine efficiency and energy value are considered, natural gas can deliver cost savings in excess of up to 35 per cent compared to diesel. This makes it an economically sustainable solution for transport operators, which face constant and harsh competition.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is also extremely quiet, compared to its diesel equivalent, making it ideal for night time deliveries in urban areas.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power also includes the BUSINESS UP exclusive application that turns on-board connectivity into a true professional work tool, providing the customer with an onboard Driver Assistant and Business Assistant.

With its absolute driving pleasure, fuel economy, environmental performance, quiet operation, low total cost of ownership (TCO) and high connectivity, this unique vehicle offers the perfect combination of low emission fuel and driveability for urban areas that makes it the perfect transport LCV for sustainable businesses.

Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready: sustainable efficiency in all driving conditions in an urban context

The most advanced diesel LCV on the market, it is the first one to be tested and verified for Real Driving Emissions – RDE-ready – anticipating by three years the challenging 2020 environmental targets.

It is powered by a right-sized engine, IVECO's 2.3-litre F1A, which was fully re-engineered in 2016: with a higher displacement than other manufacturers use, it delivers greater durability and naturally low real driving NOx emissions. It features IVECO's advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treatment system that benefits from the brand's 25 years of experience in this technology.

The Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready was tested by an independent organisation, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), in accordance with the new official procedure for testing under real-world conditions. It measured a conformity factor of 1.2 versus the 2020 limit of 2.1, proving that this vehicle is RDE-ready today, three years ahead of the new environmental targets coming into force.

The Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready is also extremely fuel efficient, to the benefit of the customers' TCO. With the standard Start&Stop system and the fitment of Michelin eco-tyres, it uses up to 7 per cent less fuel compared to the current version based on a real urban customer mission.

As key supplier to IVECO, Michelin specifically designed the new MICHELIN Agilis+ range to complement the vehicle. This latest generation of Agilis+ tyres, already well-known by professional users for their durability and reliability, deliver class-leading performance, low rolling resistance and low noise. The new tread design and low hysteresis rubber compounds contribute to the vehicle's energy efficiency, while the new tread pattern with 'silent rib technology' reduces noise.​

Daily Electric – No limits, even in cities with the strictest constraints

Electric traction is already a reality with IVECO: having entered the market in 2009 and undergone continuous upgrades and improvements over the past eight years, the Daily Electric has won a loyal following with its class-leading efficiency, proven versatility and full sustainability that extends to the 100 per cent recyclable batteries.

The Daily Electric is a unique vehicle that allows operation in cities with the strictest traffic constraints. It has an extended range of up to 200 km in real urban conditions and its battery performance is optimised for all weathers. The battery technology allows for a big payload, and in fast charging mode it only takes two hours to recharge.

The Eco-Power driving mode and regenerative braking technologies further enhance its efficiency. The Daily Blue Power Electric offers the widest line-up in the industry with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of up to 5 tonnes, to ensure that there is a model for every mission.

​New pioneering connected services make the Daily Electric the ideal business partner. A new Web Monitoring Application enables fleet managers to monitor the vehicles in their fleet in real time, checking data such as location, battery charge, engine hours, km driven and vehicle data history. The real-time information is also monitored by the IVECO Experts team with the aim of preventing vehicle failures and suggesting maintenance operations.

IVECO also plans to offer financing solutions and repair and maintenance (R&M) contracts that include the batteries, in order to make the Daily Electric an even better fit with customers' cash flow and financial cycles.

The Daily Blue Power family is the sustainable business partner that opens the way to unlimited delivery in urban and suburban missions, giving operators a clear competitive advantage in sustainable transport.


IVECO is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V., a World leader in Capital Goods listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CNHI) and on the Mercato Telematico Azionario of the Borsa Italiana (MI: CNHI). IVECO designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, off-road trucks, and vehicles for applications such as off-road missions.

The brand's wide range of products include the Daily, a vehicle that covers the 3 – 7 tonne vehicle weight segment, the Eurocargo from 6 – 19 tonnes, the Trakker (dedicated to off-road missions) and the Stralis, both over 16 tonnes. In addition, the IVECO Astra brand builds off-road trucks, rigid and articulated dumpers as well as special vehicles.

IVECO employs close to 21,000 individuals globally. It manages production sites in 7 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America where it produces vehicles featuring the latest advanced technologies. 4,200 sales and service outlets in over 160 countries guarantee technical support wherever an IVECO vehicle is at work.

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