Press release

Iveco and Iveco Bus vehicles working at Expo 2015
Turin, Italy – May 12, 2015
Some 55 Iveco vehicles from the Daily, Eurocargo and Stralis ranges are at work at the Universal Expo being hosted in Milan.
Street cleaning in Milan city centre and around the Expo site is being carried out by 18 sweepers built onto the Iveco Eurocargo chassis, a vehicle from Iveco’s medium weight range. The vehicles are fitted with the 210 hp Tector 5 Euro VI engine. Also from the medium weight range are two Eurocargo waste collection trucks, with a 190 hp Tector 5 Euro VI engine, used to collect waste from around the Expo site.
In addition to these are 14 Stralis Hi-Street vehicles, from the heavy duty range, equipped with roll-off flatbeds and the 310 hp Cursor 9 Euro VI engine. Completing the offering from the heavy duty range are two Stralis Hi-Street CNG vehicles, with the 330 hp Cursor 8 Euro VI engine powered by compressed natural gas.
Finally, wet waste collection services will be provided by 12 Daily CNG vehicles powered by compressed natural gas, equipped with waste compactors. Another three Daily vehicles will also be available, fitted out with tarpaulin and tailgate for collecting bulky materials; and a further four Daily vehicles will be used by the emergency response teams in the Expo area.
Iveco Bus is making an appearance at Expo with two Daily Minibus vehicles and seven Urbanway city buses, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The seven Urbanway from Iveco Bus, sporting the Universal Expo’s brand colours, are the only buses to be driven within the exhibition area; known as “People Movers”, they will be offering an exclusive shuttle service to visitors. The 12-metre vehicles are fitted with the 290 hp Euro VI Cursor 8 CNG engine and boast an innovative design. Able to carry around 97 passengers in total, these vehicles can seat 22.
Iveco Bus’s Urbanway is a low-floor city bus, characterised by high standards of passenger and driver comfort, spacious interiors, superior climate comfort and excellent accessibility, with easy disabled access.
Finally, two 19-seater Daily Minibus vehicles are used to transport visitors within the exhibition area.
ref :  IVECO 15021