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Crealis is the undisputed leader in Rapid Transit

Saint-Priest, June 7th 2016

The BHNS concept arose from the need of municipalities and public transport operators to offer passengers better customer service (on-board comfort, accessibility, enhanced information technologies), quality of service provision (frequency, speed, regularity; stations and not simply bus stops), a strong identity (style, customisation) and multimodality.

The goal is to promote mobility and a shift in established travel habits by attracting car users to public transport – as well as minimising municipal costs. Transport engineers report that a BHNS route is two- to three-times less costly than a tramline at equivalent transport capacity, and is also faster to implement. Such a system can also be rolled out quickly to match urban development plans. It does not require long and costly construction work to begin operating.

A pioneer for more than 10 years in the French market, and undisputed leader in the BHNS market, Iveco Bus has delivered nearly 500 standard and articulated Crealis buses to 14 French networks (Boulogne-sur-Mer, Caen, Calais, Clermont-Ferrand, Dunkirk, Le Mans, Maubeuge, Mulhouse, Nancy, Nîmes, RATP, Rouen, Sénart-Corbeil and Vannes). The increasing passenger traffic on these routes testifies to the success of the BHNS concept offered by Iveco Bus. Crealis is a clear leap forward in quality, reinforcing its image and immediate recognition of superior service quality.

Crealis is also making strides internationally, such as the 49 units for the Italian city of Bologna and the 151 natural gas units that recently hit the road in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

As the "best lounge in town", Crealis offers the utmost in passenger comfort, accessibility, service and information in a modern and welcoming atmosphere, in a vehicle with a strong personality. Restyled in the latest version of Euro VI, its sloped front suggests dynamism and aerodynamics, and communicates the idea of faster, more regular and more reliable travel.

A vast assortment of 3,500 style combinations, from the most basic to the most elaborate, allows clients to get from their BHNS the level of service recommended by Iveco Bus. Among other features on offer are wheel and roof cowlings, extra side windows to increase natural light, skylights, translucent seat backs, thermal comfort, thanks to an air curtain at every door, triple LED mood lighting, and bespoke interior roof designs – all of which are customisable to satisfy every requirement.

Designed using only high-quality components that ensure uniform quality and availability of spares throughout its lifetime, Crealis offers three engine options to suit operator requirements:

  • High-performance  Euro  VI  Cursor  9  with  exclusive  HI-SCR  exhaust  scrubbing  system
    (Selective Catalytic Reduction).
  • High experience with the CNG Cursor 8, compatible with biomethane – a fuel derived from agricultural, household or industrial organic waste, allowing zero-fossil-fuel, zero-carbon travel.
  • High economy with the "full electric hybrid" and its "Arrive & Go" function which, when approaching and leaving bus stops and red lights, switches to fully-electric mode for the first and last 60 metres, silently and pollution-free.

Iveco Bus

Iveco Bus is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V., a global leader in capital goods listed on the New York Stock Exchange and on the Borsa Italiana in Milan.

A major player in the field of public transport, and among the leading bus and coach manufacturers in Europe, Iveco Bus designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of vehicles that meets all the needs of public and private operators:

  • school, intercity and tourism coaches (Crossway and Magelys)
  • standard and articulated city buses, including BRT dedicated versions, with a strong leadership in clean technologies such as CNG and Hybrids (Urbanway and Crealis)
  • minibuses for all passenger transport missions (Daily)
  • different chassis for bodybuilders.

Iveco Bus employs over 5,000 people across two production units, in Annonay, France and in Vysoké Myto, Czech Republic. Both factories were awarded the bronze medal in 2013 following their WCM (World Class Manufacturing) audits, an international methodology for managing manufacturing processes according to best standards worldwide.

The extensive Iveco Bus and Iveco service network guarantees assistance around the world wherever an Iveco Bus vehicle is at work.

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