Press release

CNH Industrial Capital Europe to extend services to Iveco customers in Europe
CNH Industrial Capital Europe, a joint venture between CNH Industrial and BNP Paribas Leasing  Solutions, will now offer leasing and financing services to customers of CNH Industrial’s Iveco truck & commercial vehicles business.
CNH Industrial and BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, the two shareholders of CNH Industrial Capital Europe, have agreed on the extension of the joint-venture services to CNH Industrial Group’s Truck and Commercial Vehicles business in Italy, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and other major European markets. This extension has been approved by the French banking regulatory authority (ACPR).
Prior to this agreement, the joint venture provided leasing and financing to CNH Industrial customers in the Agricultural and Construction Equipment sectors in Europe starting from 1997. The company currently finances over 40,000 customers in nine countries, for a total outstanding of €1.7 billion. As a result of this increase in scope, CNH Industrial Capital Europe is now the captive finance company for all the current CNH Industrial Group businesses in major European countries. This development is of specific importance to customers of Iveco, a brand of CNH Industrial, which manufactures and markets trucks and commercial vehicles; offering them access to the Group’s tailored financing and leasing services.
CNH Industrial Capital Europe will henceforth use the CNH Industrial Capital and Iveco Capital brands for dealer and customer-oriented financing activities.