Press release

10 tonne Eurocargos take "wait and load" service in London

London-based Orion Waste Solutions is adding four new Ivecos to its fleet on the back of unrivalled support from local dealer Stormont Truck & Van.  Its latest order sees three 10 tonne Eurocargo 100E18K hookloaders and a 32 tonne Trakker hookloader enter service, each wrapped in the company’s bold green, blue and white livery.

Orion operates a fleet of 32 commercial vehicles collecting waste and recycling materials across Greater London and Transport Manager Roberto Clemente says the consistently high standards of service from Stormont Truck & Van’s dealership in Hildenborough have “kept me coming back”.

“Service is the critical factor in any purchasing decision,” says Mr Clemente.  “We have technically advanced discussions with the team at Stormont when spec’ing our new trucks and they really understand our business – the performance capabilities of vehicles they supply have always been a perfect match with our requirements.

“In terms of aftersales support they work hard to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.  We benefit from same day parts deliveries to our workshop, and if we require roadside assistance they are usually on the scene within 45-60 minutes.”

The trio of 4x2 Eurocargos are mounted with Palfinger ‘Palift’ hookloader equipment installed by TH White and will be used to provide Orion Waste Solutions' proven ‘wait and load’ waste clearance service.  This sees the Eurocargos arrive at a site with a two-man crew who will load the customer’s waste directly into the truck, avoiding the need for costly skip permits.  This makes it the perfect solution for waste collection on ‘red routes’ throughout London.

“The Eurocargos suit this role down to the ground,” explains Mr Clemente.  “We’re operating on a mixture of busy city roads and narrow residential streets, so excellent manoeuvrability and good all-round visibility from the cab is essential.  It’s a labour intensive job for our crews, so cab comfort is key too.  The team like to know that when they’ve finished loading several tonnes of rubbish on a job, they can step back into the cab and enjoy a comfortable ride to the next site.”

The new Eurocargos can also be used to deliver roll-on/off containers for large scale building projects or high volume waste producers such as retail stores – ideal for delivery into tight spaces or underground car parks. 

Built on a tipper chassis, each 10 tonne hookloader benefits from a heavy duty suspension as standard to cope with the arduous demands of waste collection, together with an easy-clean interior trim to ensure the cab can be wiped down.

Power is provided by a 3.9 litre tector engine which is capable of producing up to 177 hp at 2,700 rev/min and 570 Nm of torque between 1,250 and 2,100 rev/min.  This engine meets the strict Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle (EEV) emissions level, enabling Orion Waste to operate vehicles which are far cleaner than the minimum legal standard.  Compared with Euro 5, it sets lower limits for all pollutants other than NOx, which in turn helps to ‘future proof’ the trucks even further from possible changes in Low Emission Zone requirements.

Also joining the fleet is a Trakker 8x4 hookloader, which was operated as a demonstrator by the dealer.  The vehicle was provided on long-term appraisal to Orion Waste Solutions and performed so well, the customer opted to buy it.

Common across both models is Iveco’s two-pedal automated EuroTronic transmission, which further enhances driver comfort and safety and is fitted as standard by Iveco on all 4x2 Eurocargos.  This follows a strategy successfully pioneered by Iveco with the Stralis and Trakker, when the two heavy truck ranges were first launched with an automated gearbox as standard equipment