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Drive the New Stralis Hi-Way with Euro Truck Simulator 2

The new Iveco Stralis Hi-Way is one of the featured trucks of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 video game. One of the most popular games in the vehicle simulation genre, Euro Truck Simulator 2 ranks high on the European bestselling PC game charts and is available worldwide in over 30 languages. For this latest version, video game developer SCS Software licensed the Iveco heavy model in order to simulate it for a virtual audience.

The creative team at SCS used new modeling techniques to develop an impressive replica of the “2013 International Truck of the Year”. As a result, all of the details characteristic of the new Stralis Hi-Way appear extremely realistic in the game.

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, players can get behind the wheel of the new Stralis Hi-Way, first selecting from a series of characteristics and cargo types. The aim of the game is to successfully deliver cargo shipments within determined time limits while respecting the posted speed limits. In total, the player drives across over 60 major European cities, with the help of a GPS navigation system, passing through gas stations, toll highways and rest areas.

The design of each truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2 takes several months of precise manpower in order to create the comprehensive 3D models seen in the game. The interior reproduction of the Stralis Hi-Way cabin is faithful to the details found on the actual model, created with fully working rearview mirrors. The cabin’s efficient and ergonomic dashboard is designed with the same high quality materials and commands positioned around the border and central areas, all of them easily visible and within reach to provide the player with the same gauges for understanding the vehicle’s dynamics and ensure the utmost security.

With this involvement, Iveco and its flagship heavy vehicle arrive in the gaming universe, further satisfying Euro Truck Simulator 2’s active fan community, a network whose demand continues to increase globally.

A short driving demo of the new Stralis Hi-Way for Euro Truck Simulator 2 can be seen on YouTube at: