New generation services: TCO2 Live and Uptime Guarantee

Iveco TCO2 LIVE is a new modular portfolio of services that includes for the first time new-generation services and extends to fleet management and traditional after-sales activities.

Three of these new services are based on fuel consultancy helping customers operate their New Stralis in the most fuel-efficient manner:

  • TCO2 SMART REPORT, a weekly reporting on driving style and fuel consumption of each vehicle in the fleet.

  • TCO2 ADVISING, advice on fuel saving based on the wealth of information collected through Iveco’s real-life truck analysis.

The combination of these services can generate additional fuel savings of up to 3%. Both can be integrated by:

  • TCO2 DRIVING, fuel-conscious driving style courses.

In addition, New Stralis features the DRIVING STYLE EVALUATION system, which acts as a professional on-board instructor, helping drivers improve their driving style by providing suggestions in real time.

Finally the exclusive Iveco UPTIME GUARANTEE that relies on the New Stralis’ reliability and the excellence of Iveco’s service network to keep the customers’ vehicles on the road. This formula gets the customer back on the road within 24 hours if their New Stralis should become inoperable, either by repairing their vehicle, providing a replacement truck or, if unavailable, daily compensation for up to 4 days spent in the workshop. This service is delivered through Iveco’s Truck Stations, which are being deployed along all the main European transport corridors to deliver the Uptime Guarantee commitment.