New Daily Euro 6, Business Instinct: the best partner for growing your transport business

​​​The New Daily Euro 6 builds on the success of the New Daily launched in 2014, ‘the best Daily ever’, which was crowned “International Van of the Year 2015” and has collected awards across the world – from Germany, where it was named “Best Commercial Vehicle up to 3.5 ton” and “Best KEP Transporter 2015” and the Daily Hi-Matic won the “Innovation Award for KEP Transporter 2015”, to Chile, where it received the recognition of “2016 Best Commercial Vehicle”.

The New Daily Euro 6 delivers unrivalled performance day after day with its new and powerful 2.3 and 3.0 litre engines developing as much as 210 hp and 470 Nm at the top of the range. It further improves fuel efficiency, with savings up to 8% compared to the previous Euro 5 models thanks to its advanced driveline technologies. The low maintenance and repair costs due to the extended service intervals and long-lasting components result in additional savings of up to 12%. With the new application, called DAILY BUSINESS UP, the driver is always connected and enjoys the benefits of having a Driver and Business Assistant on board.