Stralis Euro 4 - Euro 5

Iveco chooses SCR technology to ensure the medium and heavy commercial vehicle ranges comply with the Euro 4 and Euro 5 Directives

Cutting down nitrogen oxides in the exhaust system by means of an additive – AdBlue – is the solution Iveco has adopted on the medium and heavy range. This ensures respect for the environment while reducing running costs and, therefore, guaranteeing an increase in profitability – two fundamental factors for Iveco.

Choosing this exhaust after-treatment method also means vehicles will meet emission standards established in the Euro 5 Directive ahead of time.

By adopting SCR technology as early as the second half of 2005, Iveco will be able to supply vehicles that enable road transport operators to benefit from incentives approved by a number of European countries to encourage use of vehicles complying with Euro 4 & 5 emission levels in advance.