From purchase to assistance: Iveco services

Commercial transport professionals are always on the lookout for comprehensive solutions which fulfil their production needs: therefore, having decided on vehicle specifications (payload capacity, marketability, running costs, etc.) the quality and services offered by the sales and assistance network also play a decisive factor in their final choice.

Iveco has a network of over 2,500 distributors and authorised repairers throughout Europe, which are capable of providing a prompt and professional service to commercial vehicle owners.

The Iveco network uses the most advanced computerised diagnostic tools both in its service points and emergency response vehicles. These include the EASY diagnostics system, which ensures efficient response and keeps downtime to a minimum.

Furthermore, customers can always contact the multilingual and international Iveco Customer Centre (available throughout Europe) which supplies round-the-clock telephone assistance, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in 25 countries around Europe and beyond. This call-centre enables the customer to speak with operators who have a full understanding of products and services and who are able to deliver a precise and timely response in the customer’s own language.

Using the vehicle’s chassis number, the operator identifies the vehicle and its technical specifications in real time, notes the type of anomaly and arranges for a response, identifying and contacting the nearest service point best equipped for dealing with the vehicle. 50% of cases are resolved within 3 hours of receiving notice of the breakdown, 80% are resolved within 7 hours.

Furthermore and if required, ANS (Assistance Non-Stop) assures the onward transfer of perishable/dangerous goods, besides tracking the customer right through to completion of servicing thanks to a series of follow-up telephone calls.

Not only this, the Iveco Customer Centre offers the Windelivery service, which helps customers in the case of urgent need of spare parts which are unavailable from dealers or authorised service points. Thanks to a reliable transport system (overland or by air), Iveco locates the parts in warehouses, suppliers and factories and guarantees their delivery within the shortest time possible.

The service runs 365 days per year, 24 hours per day and is activated with one call to the Customer Centre (outside of office hours) or directly from dealers via access to a web-based application. Iveco Windelivery is available in all European markets and can supply online support for especially complex alternative solutions and spare parts.

But the importance of Iveco services is evident right from the moment that a vehicle is purchased.

The Daily customer is presented with a variety of solutions (Finance, Leasing, Package Contract Hire) for vehicle purchase, depending on their financial and expenditure needs. All of these formats can contain an ordinary and/or extraordinary servicing contract (Full, Drive-line, Eco, Service Only), also valid overseas. This ensures reduced downtime and maximum vehicle or fleet efficiency with 100% programmable management costs.