Distribution of AdBlue

A European-wide distribution network is being set up to cover the rapid expansion forecast for the number of vehicles equipped with SCR.

Producers of AdBlue are able to set up a direct distribution system for transporters with large vehicle fleets. They also supply fuel companies and there is a plan to install AdBlue pumps alongside diesel pumps. A number of stations are already operative in Germany and others are being introduced in several other European countries.

To ensure widespread distribution and an appropriate level of service for customers right from the start, Iveco is organising the supply of AdBlue to its dealer network in cooperation with a leading international partner.

The agreement currently being finalised calls for distribution of AdBlue throughout Europe, with a level of service guaranteeing supply of the product within 48 hours after a request. This will be achieved thanks to the approximately 112 distribution points made available by our supplier and operative throughout Europe starting 2006. There will be three different distribution and stocking systems: 10-litre disposable cans, 1,000-litre returnable containers (IBC) and about 4,000-litre containers (MiniBulk) that can be refilled with bulk product.