A chance to anticipate the Euro 5 directive

A basic advantage of the SCR system is that it can satisfy both Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission level requirements, which means Iveco has been able to develop a solution for both emission levels simultaneously. Thanks to the modern architecture of its engines, and especially the electronic control injector pumps operated by a camshaft located directly in the cylinder block, Iveco has been able to develop a new injection system with higher pressures and finer fuel atomisation. For Iveco Cursor engines AdBlue consumption is 4-5% for Euro 4, or around 1.5 l/100 km, and slightly higher for Euro 5.

For instance, a urea consumption of 60 l gives an autonomy of over 3,500 km.
The AdBlue injection system has been tested in extreme climate conditions to take into account the physical properties of this additive and, above all, its progressive crystallisation below –11°C. Test campaigns have been organised in Scandinavia and Spain, while numerous customer vehicles are undergoing long-term testing.

So Iveco is ready to offer heavy Stralis vehicles in both a Euro 4 and Euro 5 version simultaneously. Iveco expects demand for these vehicles will come mainly from countries offering financial incentives for adopting the European Directives ahead of the date fixed for their introduction. Germany, Switzerland and Austria are good examples.