Strength, robustness and versatility

Strength, robustness and versatility, the tradition continues


​​The ladder frame chassis is a vital element in the vehicle’s robustness and modularity: the load carrying structure of the chassis with a C-profile, made from high-resistance steel, is guaranteed to be long-lasting and afford maximum bodybuilding flexibility. This solution is the ideal support for every type of Daily configuration, allowing the vehicle to be more easily converted than the box-frame version, and makes it the only vehicle in its category capable of reaching a gross vehicle weight of up to 7 tonnes. The chassis confirms the excellent basic design of a top-of-the-range commercial vehicle.
The New Daily van: the new architecture
The repositioning of the Daily in the single-wheel van segment is one of the most important objectives behind the vehicle’s design. The New Daily improves all performance areas of single-wheel vans. The load carrying efficiency has been optimised through the improved balance between the vehicle’s main dimensional elements: wheelbase, total length and useful length. The available wheelbases have been revised and now include 3,000, 3,520 and 4,100 mm, with the last two available with both a short overhang and a long overhang.
With the new longer wheelbases, the New Daily can offer a new range of load carrying volumes. The new 18 and 19.6 m3 models are the best in their category in terms of available load space and the 10.8 m3 version is the best in terms of load efficiency, an indicator that measures the ratio between the length of the load platform and the total length.
This version also represents the most important growth opportunity for Iveco in the largest market segment for vans: 38% of vans sold in Europe have a load space between 9 and 11 m3. Today, the New Daily with a 10.8 m3 loads pace is the best-in-class in terms of efficiency of load volume capacity (0.57) and driveability with a turning circle of 11.9 m.
GVW of the van models range from 3.3 to 7 tonnes with vehicle load space volumes ranging from 7.3 to 19.6 m3. The van comes in heights of up to 2,100 mm, so that even tall users can stand upright in the loading compartment. External lengths range between 5,040 to 7,500 mm, while the load compartment starts from 2,600 mm up to 5,100 mm.
The lowering of the load platform by 55 mm has also made loading and unloading the vehicle easier and quicker. The height of the load compartment is among the best in the rear-wheel drive van category. 
The New Daily van is the only vehicle with a GVW of up to 7 tonnes and load carrying capacity of up to 4,000 kg that allows the same volumes to be transported with fewer trips, thus reducing costs and increasing productivity. All of these features make it the vehicle of choice for transport professionals, both for distribution and for all applications that require large volumes, excellent performance and durability under pressure.
The New Daily chassis cab models
The range of chassis cab models is the largest on the market, with gross vehicle weights ranging from 3.3 to 7 tonnes, the wheelbase from 3,000 to 4,750 mm and total vehicle lengths of up to 6,190 mm. The new 4,100 mm wheelbase and single-wheel version combines excellent driveability and a 4,500 mm bodybuilding surface, whilst preserving the distinctive qualities of the Daily and enhancing driveability.
The New Daily chassis cab model is the only vehicle in its class with a useful load carrying capacity of up to 4,700 kg. Maximum load on front and rear axles is also at the top of the category. The 146 HP engine on twin-wheel versions is now also available with a 2.3 litre capacity and variable geometry turbocharger, improving payload capacity by more than 60kg, whilst offering enhanced fuel consumption and lower emissions.
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