Sustainable technology at the service of transport operators

​The New Daily Euro 6 range offers two four-cylinder engines, with displacements of 2.3 and 3.0 litres, power ranging from 120 to 210 horsepower, and torque from 320 to 470 Nm – all this with considerable fuel savings of up to 8% (on NEDC cycle), compared to the previous Euro 5 models.

Iveco’s engine strategy leverages on its leadership in engines and SCR technology: it is driven by its aim for excellence and will introduce RDE (Real Driving Emissions) ready hardware well in advance of the new regulations that will be mandatory starting from 2020.

The Daily offers two 4-cylinder engines with a displacement of 2.3 and 3.0 litres, which guarantee top performance in the extensive range of missions that use gross vehicle weights going from 3.3 to 7.2 tons. It also features the exclusive patented MULTIJET II system, which optimises combustion.

The optimized 3.0-litre F1C engine, tested over 20,000 hours on test bench and over 1.5 million kilometres on the road, features Selective Catalytic Reduction technology that controls NOx emissions and new injectors that help to optimise combustion and to lower Particulate Matter at engine out. This enables it to develop all the power needed for the most demanding high mileage and heavy-duty missions with remarkably low fuel consumption, long maintenance intervals and thus low operating costs.

The brand new 2.3-litre F1A engine has been reengineered from the oil-sump up. By using modern materials and virtual optimisation Iveco has been able to reduce the engine’s weight by 6%. By reducing friction, further optimizing the cooling and MULTIJET II injection system, installing a variable displacement oil pump, and other such improvements, fuel consumption has been cut by 8% on the NEDC cycle.

Tested over 35,000 hours on test bench and over 1.3 million kilometres on the road, F1A’s combination of these technical interventions, together with a slightly higher displacement compared to Iveco’s competitors, and a Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation system ensure that the engine has naturally reduced raw emissions, which only require a simplified after-treatment system.

Then, on the next step of the new Daily Euro 6, at the beginning of 2017, the F1A engine will feature SCR technology. With this solution, Iveco, a pioneer with over 25 years of SCR experience, takes the lead and will be ready for 2020 Real Driving Emissions limits three years before they come into force.

And, confirming its Business Instinct, the new Daily Euro 6 has the flexibility to maintain availability of Low Pressure EGR on models featuring the F1A engine for customers with low mileage missions who prefer this solution.

In terms of performance, new features such as the Variable Displacement Oil Pump and Variable Geometry Turbine on the F1A engine, the EcoSwitch PRO, the lighter engine, and the reduced friction in engines and axles, further contribute to the Daily’s outstanding fuel economy, low running costs, and high power and torque.

The wide engine line-up also includes clean-running versions: the Daily Natural Power, which runs on Compressed Natural Gas, providing an advantage in urban areas with restricted traffic for its clean and quiet operation, and the Daily Electric, the silent, zero-emissions version.