Productive comfort in a professional work environment

​​The New Daily Euro 6 introduces new features that further raise the levels of comfort and functionality of the cab. The cabin is even quieter than in previous models, with the noise level reduced by 4 decibels, improving the vehicle’s acoustics and sound recognition by 8%.

The comfortable interiors feature a new leather steering wheel, blue seat covers and new textile foam headrests. The layout has been revised to include up to 18 storage compartments strategically placed around the cab for greater accessibility. The functional dashboard introduces new features designed to create a connected professional workstation.

The new Digital radio (DAB) integrated into the dashboard offers all the main DAB and FM features with all the multimedia and phone management functionalities expected on a high-end vehicle. A practical cradle can hold mobile devices of different sizes and can double as a clipboard. Two easily reachable USBs make it possible to enjoy multimedia contents through the new DAB radio and to charge mobile devices. An optional inductive charger is also available for smartphones featuring the latest technologies. With all these features, the cabin provides a professional environment where driver and passengers can work productively in full safety.

A great environment which is always connected with a new level of on-board connectivity

To make the most of the time spent in the cab, the new Daily Euro 6 is the first light commercial vehicle to take on-board connectivity beyond the concept of infotainment, turning it into a true professional work tool with the exclusive dedicated application called “DAILY BUSINESS UP”.

DAILY BUSINESS UP can act as the customer’s Driver Assistant with features such as the Driving Style Evaluation (DSE) system, the professional navigation system by Sygic and the Interactive User Handbook. The app also serves as the driver’s Business Assistant, helping to optimise the fleet’s efficiency with Fleetwork and to keep track of scheduled services. The app also takes care of customer assistance, providing a direct link to Iveco Assistance Non Stop, the 24/7 roadside assistance service. All these features contribute to the New Daily Euro 6’s lower Total Cost of Ownership and a healthy bottom line for the customer.

The New Daily Euro 6 also introduces a new way of delivering connectivity that doesn’t require the installation of any equipment in the vehicle; drivers are able to communicate with the vehicle and its engine through their own smartphone or tablet, with DAILY BUSINESS UP. Bluetooth connection with the vehicle is automatically established through the new Digital radio and in a few seconds the New Daily Euro 6 becomes a connected professional workstation.

Raffaele Di Donfrancesco, Iveco Daily Business Line Director, commented: “The exclusive new DAILY BUSINESS UP is a further demonstration of the new Daily Euro 6’s Business Instinct and its ability to anticipate and meet our customers’ business requirements. This innovative app serves as a driver assistant, providing real-time driving suggestions which result in significant fuel savings. It also creates a seamless connection between our customers’ back office and their vehicle, which becomes a fully functional mobile office. DAILY BUSINESS UP will give our customers a competitive advantage to develop and grow their businesses.”