The best partner for the transport business with low Total Cost of Ownership

​All the new features contribute to lowering the New Daily Euro 6 Total Cost of Ownership. The vehicle bristles with features that result in excellent fuel economy: from the Variable Geometry Turbine on models ranging from 140 to 180 hp that ensures a more efficient use of the engine, to the new EcoSwitch PRO intelligent system that automatically reduces torque when needed without driver intervention, reducing fuel consumption with no compromise to productivity.

These innovative solutions, together with the efficient engine and driveline technologies, result in an outstanding reduction in fuel consumption: up to 8% compared to Euro 5 models. In addition, as much as 15% of fuel can be saved by the driver following the real-time suggestions of the Driving Style Evaluation system (DSE).

Maintenance intervals have been extended to 50,000 km through the use of longer lasting components and consumables, resulting in 20% more uptime between services. The optimised braking system with new, tougher brake pads is more efficient and durable. All this, together with the harmonisation of maintenance interventions resulting in more vehicle uptime, adds up to a significant reduction in maintenance and repair costs: up to 12% depending on the vehicle’s mission.