Aftersales: All the new advantages for the new Daily


​Dedicated to the New Daily, the new VIP programme Daily Club offers a unique opportunity dedicated to customers that wish to enjoy exclusive privileges throughout the entire life-cycle of their vehicle. Simple online registration at grants New Daily owners aftersales information and services including new initiatives, special offers, previews of national promotions, events, product novelties, discounts on spare parts and accessories and much more.
The new line of accessories dedicated to the New Daily is extremely well-rounded and offers maximum quality materials and production processes; increased safety for vehicle operators, drivers and other road users, plus a wide selection of customisations to meet every need whilst complementing vehicle aesthetics.
The load compartment flooring on the New Daily can be removed easily thanks to the turning lock, which still remains firmly in place during use thanks to the high quality of the materials used. The panels provide the van with the best protection possible as they are extremely resistant to humidity, chemical agents and scratches. The luggage compartment, which includes a wide range of accessories, adapts perfectly to all configurations and wheelbases. The New Daily also features a complete protection system: it contains a "pushbar" and side protection bars to increase both active and passive safety of the vehicle and pedestrians in case of incident.
Characterised by a bold style, the Iveco aerodynamic roof spoilers are made from innovative material and are easily installed atop the vehicle roof. They are adjustable and do not require removal to replace the roof-top lamps. They also constitute an excellent solution to decrease fuel consumption on chassis cab models without compromising style and aerodynamics.
A complete offer of spare parts and services
A network that includes more than 4,800 dealers and workshops around the world, of which over 2,000 are in Europe, offers all owners of Iveco commercial vehicles professional and immediate service, a deciding factor for customers.
Iveco original spare parts are guaranteed thanks to a stringent selection process of the top suppliers and raw materials, detailed conformity tests and reliability checks along the entire production and distribution chain. Eight warehouses in Europe use innovative technology to act as a single virtual distribution hub that is able to manage more than 350,000 items with top-level performance. Iveco employs an integrated supply chain system that ensures the availability or delivery of spare parts within 24 hours, tracked from entry into the warehouse all the way to the local dealership.
Thanks to experience gained in recent decades, with the careful selection of materials and suppliers and the use of cutting-edge technologies and processes, Iveco is also able to breathe new life into used engines, gearboxes, turbochargers, injectors, and many other components providing new products with a valuable complementary offering.
Iveco remanufacturing is an industrialised process that observes the technical specifications and production standards for all original spare parts. Rigorous tests certify the highest quality, guaranteeing Iveco remanufactured spare parts a lifespan and emissions rating equal to their new counterparts. As confirmation of the high standards that these spare parts guarantee are the maintenance schedules and warranty conditions that are identical to those of new spare parts.
Value Line, the new spare parts line, is also available, which was established through a collaboration between Iveco and Magneti Marelli to respond to demands from the owners of the oldest Daily vehicles with limited remaining lifecycles. The line allows the customer to choose from the main spare parts families that are more frequently used for scheduled maintenance, such as filters, brake pads, belts, bulbs and batteries, making it the perfect combination of convenience, quality, safety and efficiency.
IVECO ALL IN ONE: original parts and labour at fixed prices
Iveco offers a vast range of "All in one" deals at a fixed price and with utmost transparency for both routine and out-of-plan maintenance that includes original replacement parts and repair work, for maximum vehicle’s performance and longevity.
Aftersales services
Iveco also ensures an important assistance service program for the New Daily. The Iveco Elements repair and maintenance contracts provide coverage for maintenance and repairs along with a modular and flexible warranty extension that is able to satisfy all needs to support the vehicle's value over time.
An important advantage of this service is that all spare parts used are guaranteed to be of original equipment standard, plus customers can be confident in the skill of the Iveco dealer network technicians. The extreme flexibility of Iveco’s Elements contracts ensures particularly advantageous service. The customer has the option of selecting the service levels which best suit their type of business, safe in the knowledge that costs are fixed and under control.
Furthermore, in order to maximise vehicle efficiency, Iveco also proposes additional improvements with regards to the maintenance plan. These include extending the replacement interval of the fuel filter from 40,000 to 80,000 km, the pollen filter from 1 to 2 years and the duration of the coolant for the entire life-cycle of the vehicle.
The Assistance Non Stop (ANS) hotline service offered by Iveco can be answered in 10 different languages and is available 24/7, 365 days a year; customers need only dial the international free-phone number, allowing for complete confidence when travelling across Europe. During repairs, the control centre checks on work progress and guarantees that the vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible. 
Iveco also adopts the most advanced computerised diagnostic tools in the dealer workshop and on the road. The evolved EASY platform, allows the customer to perform the diagnosis of the various electronic control units in the vehicle by electronically connecting them with the Iveco expert centre via the TELESERVICES software. This allows representatives from the expert centre the ability to operate as if they were there on-site with the customer. 
Financial services from Iveco Capital
Iveco Capital assists clients in choosing the financial product best suited to the operational, economic and tax profile of their company. Iveco Capital services are available from all Iveco dealers. Thanks to synergies with parent company CNH Industrial and the Group’s  alliance with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions (Europe's largest leasing company), Iveco Capital is in turn able to propose conditions offering even more advantageous services which were conceived and developed to meet the specific needs of commercial transport.