The same Daily you are used to. Just electric.

Same robustness, power, load capacity, with zero emissions.

Expected autonomy in urban cycles*

Average charging time per 100km

Saving on maintenance costs

Gross vehicle weight

Towing capacity

Electric PTO (power take-off)

*The information contained in this website is based on the best data available to Iveco Group following its internal tests and simulations, pending the vehicle's homologation, therefore the information concerning availability and capabilities may be subject to change. The officially homologated driving range will be published closer to the vehicle sales date. In every case, the data may vary due to various factors (e.g. truck equipment, driving style, weather conditions, route mission, vehicle condition, age and condition of the lithium-ion battery)


Zero-emissions, up to 3 batteries up to 111kWh, optimized consumption


Versatile and robust
Full range, available in different versions and power take-off, electrified modular chassis platform and support frame with side rails.


Up to 140kW, 400Nm motor, Hi-Power for overboost, Eco-mode for energy saving


100% Connected
Charging and climate control from remote, range optimization, energy management and uptime, eDAILY Routing app and IVECO DRIVER PAL

Jump into the future with the peace of mind of working with a friend.

Driving downtown

Access all areas, no limits, with the best van in town. Whatever you may go in town for - load, deliver, sell or build - eDAILY is your best solution for emission-free and noise-free urban travel.

eDAILY offers the same cargo volume, payload, agility and transformability as the Diesel versions.

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Making miles

Energy for your daily routes. And up to 50% savings on maintenance costs.
The modular battery installation allows you to align the eDAILY autonomy range with the scope of your mission: the rapid acceleration and 120 km/h maximum speed (on 35s) give you all the performance you need on extra-urban routes. More power? You can boost your performance with the Hi-Power function.


eDAILY defies all prejudices and redraws the boundaries of zero-emission transport: top performance even in specialty applications, maximum traction even with heavy loads.

For any mission. Including yours.

Any mission and any type of setup, with modular batteries that optimize weight and autonomy.

Door-to-door distribution

Logistics of the cold chain


Any set-up

L'unico LCV elettrico con carico utile fino a 4,6 t, volume di carico fino a 19,6 m3, stessa capacità di traino delle versioni diesel

High-end energy

Best-in-class 95% ratio between installed and usable energy.

Electric eco-system

An all-round model for sustainable transport

Electric is more than a vehicle: it is an eco-system in which vehicle, solutions and services are digitally interconnected. This allows customers to find their own way to e-mobility, maximizing energy efficiency and ease of use.
eDAILY's services start before you buy.

IVECO advises you on the vehicle configuration and charging solutions that best suit your needs, and accompanies you throughout your e-journey. All the phases of your electric experience are covered: from vehicle financing to the design of the appropriate infrastructure, energy contracts and specialist electric assistance.

The connectivity box allows real-time data exchange and enables access to IVECO services, specifically developed to make working with eDAILY a relaxing, profitable and safe experience.
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Best eMobility experience

eDAILY offers you a natural and intuitive e-mobility experience while ensuring zero emissions, maximum energy efficiency and perfect fit with your mission.

IVECO has in place partnerships with leading European energy companies able to design, supply, install and service customized charging solutions, and offer favorable energy contracts. This allows customers to minimize their initial investment and energy expenses during operation.

IVECO has developed e-mobility services like intelligent charging control that enable you to schedule charging at the most convenient times Remote climate control allows the vehicle to reach the ideal cabin temperature before disconnecting the plug. Driving and regenerative modes can be pre-set by the fleet manager to optimize energy use.

Energy usage monitoring calculates energy absorption moment by moment (taking into account ePTO usage) and provides detailed reports on energy used versus distance traveled.

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The same Daily you are used to

Aame strength, power and load capacity, but zero emissions.

Choose your eDAILY between van, cab, crew cab, chassis cowl, cutaway and people mover versions, with single wheels on 3.5 t, 3.8 t, 4,25 t and twin wheels on 4.25 t, 5.2 t, 6 t, 7.2 t GVW.

Complete your eDAILY package

IVECO services are fully integrated and modular: the standard offer can be enriched with the premium services most suited to your business – from the provision and installation of the charging infrastructure to different levels of M&R coverage.

Integrated charging infrastructure

Complete your eDAILY package with a certified charging infrastructure designed, supplied and installed to maximize your vehicle’s performance and minimize energy expenses during operation.

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IVECO CAPITAL Financial solutions

All traditional financial formulas (including contract hire, operating lease, finance lease and hire purchase*), together with innovative, electric-dedicated services – packaged in the most suitable solution for your business.

IVECO Capital is the captive financial services Brand of the IVECO Group, and offers a full range of financing, leasing, rental and ancillary services** for eDAILY as well as for conversions. Financial packages can include IVECO ON premium services and a choice of insurance solutions*. Possibility to finance the vehicle with EW and M&R**.

For a tailored offer contact your IVECO Dealer or Key Account.

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     Altezza / Volume di carico
Massa totale a terra
(1.545 mm)
(1.900 mm)
(2.100 mm)
Lunghezza veicolo
3.000 5.189
7,3 m3
- 3.5
3.520 5.709
 9,0 m3
10,8 m3
3.5 4.2


6.109 -
12,0 m3
13,4 m3
3.5 4.2
4.100 7.274
- 16,0 m3
18,0 m3
3.5 7.2
4.100L 7.669
- 17,5 m3
19,6 m3
5.2 7.2

Services & Solutions

  • Parts and accessories

    Make your driving experience unique
    From genuine parts to remanufactured, from second line parts to accessories, the IVECO network offers you a wide range of components to boost productivity, enhance versatility, optimize profitability and keep maintenance costs of your vehicle under control, bring your digital life on board and increase your comfort.

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  • Uptime

    At IVECO, we do aim for keeping your truck on the road and available whenever you need it
    Unforeseen downtime prevents you from meeting customer commitments and is expensive.
    At IVECO we do everything to keep your truck on the road, ready whenever you need it.
    To this end, we have developed an excellent set of Uptime services all focused on reducing unexpected downtime to maximize uptime.

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  • Productivity and efficiency

    Reach your business objectives with IVECO
    The biggest challenges when it comes to transport and logistic business are reducing transportation costs, rising fuel costs, driver shortage, complex regulations and the need for more sustainable operations while keeping your customer satisfied.
    IVECO knows that and has developed a constantly growing portfolio of solutions to successfully tackle this challenges with you.
    We rely on connectivity, digitalization and data analytics to help you to increase fleet efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase the performance and safety of your drivers.

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  • Driver Care

    To support and care about your valubale asset
    Engaging the Driver, simplify his job are key areas in Transportation Industry. An engaged Driver is motivated to go above and beyond what the job requires and also exerts positive influence on his peers. Improving his comfort provides also great benefit on his Driving conduct with direct impact on overall productivity and safety of your fleet.
    IVECO is offering a range of services for Driver’s care, from the Driver Apps Easy Way App and Easy Daily App to the best-in-class IVECO DRIVER PAL pioneering on-board vocal driver companion built on Amazon Web Services with Amazon Alexa features.

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