​Overland Project

​Having departed the Iveco headquarters in Turin on 3rd January 2010, the Overland 12 expedition arrived in Africa. After travelling the first 2400 kilometres, on Thursday 7th January the vehicles were shipped from Algeciras in southern Spain to Tangier in Morocco.

The expedition travelled along the Atlantic coast to reach South Africa in March. The return trip wound through Central Africa and finished in Rome in May, covering 47,000 kilometres: over 5 months of travel in unsafe and complex territories both from an environmental and logistical point of view, bought the vehicles and the team of Overland in contact with a variety of populations and geographic areas.

Overland 12, as in previous expeditions, exploits a range of IVECO vehicles: the now historic "bonneted" 330.30 ANW, prepared as a canteen and dormitory by the Mussa & Graziano company, a latest generation Daily 4x4 rated at 5.5t, equipped with a resuscitation and first aid facility by Onnicar, a Trakker 6x6 equipped as a mobile workshop by the Sperotto company and two long wheelbase Massif 4x4 vehicles equipped by TruckTech for TV crew transport.

The expedition paid particular attention to the humanitarian aspect, four doctors selected by the Ospedaliero-Universiatario Company and the University of Parma travelled in the Daily 4x4,.  They collected statistical data, imparted their innovative knowledge and used advanced telemedicine techniques to help both today, and in future, medical outposts that the expedition met along the route.

Beppe Tenti once again led the crew of 16, who travelled on 4 operational shifts, out of a total of over 40 people including Beppe Simonato, Customer Support IVECO who headed up the technical administration of the 6 IVECO vehicles and maintained liaison with the Iveco headquarters in Turin.

A series of documentaries based on the expedition will be broadcast by RaiUno during autumn 2010.


Iveco and the Overland project: the adventure continues 

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