​Overland Project

​During the stop-off in Cape Town, the team changed for the second time since the expedition left Turin early in January.

The leader, Beppe Tenti, photographer Andrea Borgarello and Iveco technical manager Beppe Simonato were the only remaining members of the original team.
The new arrivals were immediately put to the test when the orange caravan had to travel 900 kilometres in one day to reach the capital Pretoria.

In Pretoria the IVECO dealer, AFS, changed the tyres and oils.
This was an important maintenance check because there would be no IVECO technical facilities along the route for a few weeks.
After its stay in the South African capital, the “Overland 12” expedition took off again towards the North, covering approximately the 300 kilometres that separate Pretoria from the border with Botswana.

Botswana is a sparsely populated country: the surface area of the country is about twice that of Italy, but the entire population numbers fewer than 2 million inhabitants, 200,000 of whom live in the capital, Gaborone, where the expedition made another stop before setting off northwards.
For the second time in two weeks, “Overland” crossed the Tropic of Capricorn: the first time was in Namibia going South, and now on its way North again. The first huts began to appear along the road, indicating that the expedition was once again approaching the heart of Black Africa.

Before it crossed the border into Zambia, the caravan crossed Chobe National Park, the best-known park in Botswana and one of the most renowned in Africa, for the variety and abundance of its vegetation and fauna.

When it reached the Republic of Zambia, the “Overland 12” team was met by one of the most amazing natural spectacles in the southern part of Africa: the Victoria Falls, a Heritage Site protected by UNESCO.
The route continued towards the capital Lusaka, becoming particularly demanding for the drivers and the Iveco vehicles, because of both the sudden downpours and the dreadful road conditions.

When they reached the Zambian capital, the IVECO team and vehicles were welcomed by officials from the Italian Embassy and by a local Iveco dealer; this stop was an opportunity for a routine check on the vehicles, while the men recharged their batteries after 3 months on the road, preparing to face the new challenges that the team and the vehicles would find ahead on the difficult road North, towards the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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