​Overland Project

​After 72 days on the road, and after 20,000 kilometres, “Overland 12” reached Namibia, one of the states of southern Africa.

This country is famous for its natural attractions, like the dangerous, inaccessible Skeleton Coast, the highest sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the dry Kalahari desert, and the land of the ancient nomadic Bushman tribe.

Before it arrived in Namibia, “Overland” crossed Angola, and had to tackle the most demanding and difficult three days of the whole expedition since it left Turin, to reach the capital, Luanda.

What seemed on paper to be a relatively short stretch of dirt track was in fact a non-existent trail through the tropical forest. Without any reference point and with no indication as to the direction to take, the “Overland” team took several hours to cover a few miles, as the vehicles negotiated slopes of 70%, with the risk of overturning.
Thanks to the determination and courage of the men, and the excellent performance and resistance of the Iveco vehicles, the expedition continued in spite of apparently unassailable difficulties.   Without giving in, without stopping: this is the true “Overland” spirit.

This spirit translates into some really incredible numbers.
The “Overland” project, of which this is the twelfth edition, was launched in 1995 with the ambitious intent of travelling around the world with the orange Iveco trucks, drawing a portrait of our planet and exploring its remotest corners:

- over 270,000 kilometres travelled (almost seven times the circumference of the earth)
- 4 continents crossed (Europe, America, Asia and Africa)
- 122 countries visited
- 11 expeditions completed
- 1,145 days of travel, i.e. more than 3 years
- 115 episodes broadcast by RaiUno

The next important goal that “Overland 12” would reach would be South Africa, the turning point of the expedition, and the country that will host the Football World Cup in June.

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