​Overland Project

After 51 days and more than 14,000 km, the “Overland 12” expedition reached Cameroon in equatorial Africa.

Before arriving in Cameroon the convoy passed through Benin and Nigeria.
The short distance travelled in Benin, about 100 km, was on good asphalted roads and the team encountered no problems. Long delays and debilitating discussions took place at the Nigerian border in order to proceed, under armed protection, towards the capital of Lagos.
In Lagos, one of the most populous in the African continent, security was a real concern because of the high crime rate.

During this stage, the Overland crew visited the new IVECO dealer in Lagos and all of the vehicles underwent a rigorous and thorough technical review. To give promotional support to the local Iveco dealer the “Overland 12” expedition sponsored a local football team, an initiative which was greatly appreciated by the dealer and locals.

The orange convoy finally departed towards Cameroon observing the poor standard of living that most of the local inhabitants survive in.

Despite the armed guard accompanying the expedition, the team encountered a frightening moment when, close to the state frontier, the convoy was been forced to quickly change direction to avoid riots between government forces and rebels. Occurrences such as this are common place in this part of the world with it being normal to encounter groups of refugees who have left their own homes to escape the fighting zones.

On departing Cameroon, the group headed towards Gabon and the Congo and their equatorial jungles, a place that is mainly uninhabited and where man and transport have yet to leave their mark. The convoy met this challenge head-on with the same energy and commitment that has marked the expedition to date.

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