​Overland Project

​Having arrived in Angola, the “Overland 12” caravan continued its journey towards Southern Africa, overcoming extremely difficult situations because of the climate and the route: the Iveco vehicles were driven with great care and will-power by the members of the team, emerging successful from trials that were at the limit of the possible.

After crossing the Congo river, on a barge crowded with the local population, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees inside the vehicles, the journey continued without satellite link for a few days, along dirt tracks with holes more than a metre deep, flooded streams in the jungle, and steep slopes that measured 60% in some cases.

The “Overland 12” adventure continued, thanks also to the support provided by the organisation and personnel of the Iveco dealerships in Africa, which supplied the technical expertise to maintain the high performance of the vehicles, and to allow the men of the expedition to refresh their energy, after stressful days and nights spent inside the vehicles.

The Overland caravan had, so far, stopped in several of the 54 Iveco service points dotted throughout Africa: the first stop was in Accra, Ghana, at the Tanink dealership, which has had a mandate to market and service Fiat Group light and heavy commercial vehicles for several years.
The next stop, before the equatorial forest, was at the brand-new Iveco dealership in Lagos, Nigeria, where the vehicles were given a painstaking and detailed service, which allowed them to continue, overcoming the difficulties of the route without problems, and they reached Cameroon, after a further check at the Iveco CAMI dealership.
The last stop was at Italmotors in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: the Overland team and vehicles, tested by the preceding days of the journey, were warmly welcomed and assisted by the dealer and staff of about one hundred men working at the dealership, which was inaugurated in 2008, and boasts a 4000 sq m workshop and a large parts warehouse.
The expedition set off again from here, entering Angola and travelling towards Namibia, reaching its first major goal, South Africa, at the end of March; the second half of the journey commenced from there,  returned them back to Italy in May.

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