​Overland Project

​After travelling along the Moroccan Atlantic coast, the expedition started to penetrate into Western Africa, crossing the invisible Tropic of Cancer. The caravan arrived in Liberia via Mali, Guinea-Conakry and Sierra Leone 4 weeks after leaving Iveco’s Turin HQ.

Leaving behind the rocky desert and Morocco’s fragmented asphalt roads, the Sahara and its difficult sandy lanes, “Overland 12” encountered the rain forest.

Accustomed to the hot and dry weather of the desert, where there were sharp drops in temperature between night and day, the expedition crew faced a tropical climate with temperatures exceeding 40C and extremely high humidity.

Additionally, the previously asphalted roads completely disappeared and the off-road lanes became more and more difficult to traverse. The expedition journey was split into 200km stages navigating through river beds, steep drops and deep fords that made driving incredibly laborious.

This section of the expedition was particularly intense for the crew and vehicles alike. The need for a good route, and above all the necessity to have rest during the night, where the high temperature and moist weather made it difficult, emerged in the group.

But the entire crew faced this adventure, which was difficult and real at the same time, and emerged proud and full of a renewed energy. 30 days since the beginning of the trip and thanks to the efforts of everyone, the expedition’s assessment was excellent and, like all previous “Overland” expeditions, the Iveco vehicles remain irreplaceable and trustworthy travel companions.

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