​Overland Project

​Having reached South Africa and Cape Town, the southernmost city of the continent of Africa, “Overland 12” had completed 50% of the entire itinerary of the expedition.

The team’s arrival was estimated for the end of March, and they had not only respected the schedule but were actually a week early.
This incredible result was just one more acknowledgement of the skills of the men and the reliability of the Iveco vehicles.  A team chosen and prepared to tackle and overcome unimaginable challenges and difficulties.
Another important factor that contributed to the achievement of the expedition’s goals, was the assistance given by the Iveco dealerships in Africa. When it proved necessary to undertake specific maintenance on the vehicles, “Overland 12” could count on their welcome and professional expertise.

The orange caravan travelled for almost 80 days, covering over 23,000 kilometres and crossing 20 countries.
It went from the Winter climate of the Mediterranean to the dry heat of the Sahara, from the high temperatures and extreme humidity of the Equator to the pleasant, temperate climate of southern Africa.

Moments of great apprehension and concern alternated with gratifying moments such as the visits to small healthcare structures in the villages encountered along the route, where “Overland 12” delivered medicines and sterile materials that are extremely rare in many parts of the African continent.

For the members of the team, the friendship and support that the local populations gave the expedition represented further motivation to continue and to complete their mission: the Iveco vehicles and the team were met with great admiration and curiosity, and their “colleagues”, the African truck drivers, often showed their support when the tracks became really impassable. However, there were also entertaining moments in the villages they passed through, when enthusiastic children surrounded the vehicles and men of the team, examining the trucks and asking questions about Italian football players.

With this wealth of positive experience, and having recharged their batteries during their stay in Cape Town, “Overland 12” set off again across South Africa towards Botswana.

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